Tia no Yume

"Across the endless sky, reach for the stars and deliver your dreams."

                         Polus Luna -A "Haven" of Stories


 "Every day I look out into the endless blue sky in hopes that one day I will find you . . . Where are you now, my beloved sister."

- Mikitou-




Follow the stories of the "main leads" of different tales as they travel on their quests and chased by their mortal enemies.

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 -Main story-

                                           What exactly is normal?

Mikitou and Mimikou Sakura were anything from Normal, as the princesses of Kami Sakura, there were many people that wish to do them harm, and the destruction of their kingdom was only the start.

To hide his beloved daughters existence he sent them away from the Heavenly Plains were he hoped nothing would harm them, but there are many who will try to break them. Komichi, god of Jealousy, the "Dark Lead" who desire the "Key of the Sacrifices" or "World Key" along with the War that still carries on in Heaven. Follow Mikitou and friends as they try to overcome all obstacles.